Karrine Versus Tyra!

July 20th, 2010

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Catfight!  In her book The Vixen Diaries, bestselling author Karrine Steffans talked about her experiences doing the press tour for Confessions of a Video Vixen. She mentioned Tyra Banks being a hypocrite and described her as being a female “male chauvinist,” and had said that the supermodel/host  turned on her during a television interview.

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In an interview for an online magazine, Karrine Steffans had this to say: “To make a very long tragic story short, when someone who is really not that different from you privately, but is publicly different from you, takes a public high road, then at some point it’s just disgusting. I think that Tyra was new in her job. We filmed my show before her first show ever aired. So, it was two months before she even hit the airwaves, so she was very new at her job. I don’t think that she understood, in her newness, how to be objective while doing the interview and not letting her personal feelings get in the way of being a talk show host, like her mentor which would be Oprah. Having been on Oprah and everyone else, it gave me a chance to see, ‘Ok. This is how you do it right and this is how you totally fuck it up.’ And Tyra totally fucked it up. But she was new. So, I’m going to give her that credit. Maybe she didn’t know or understand, or maybe she’s just a giant bitch.”

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